policy provides a platform to publish blogs with an emancipatory and non-commercial attitude. For opening a blog with, we require you to agree on this policy. We do not offer this to political parties or religious groups and we will delete blogs that do not comply.
Our servers only log informations necessary for debugging and we don’t want to know who uses our platform.
To enforce the use of non-logging anonymous email adresses on decentralised self-managed servers of friendly tech collectives and to prevent the use of by people not sharing emancipatory political ideas, we only accept registrations with email addresses from one of the following providers sharing our policy:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Stop using Gmail, GMX & Co.! We recommend you use a dedicated email address just for running your blog on For better anonymity use Tor or Tails to connect to
Our idea of the use of this service is supporting campaigns, groups and individuals in their struggle for a more emancipated world. There is a multitude of ways to use blackblogs to get there – the choice is up to you. runs on self-managed infrastructure and all work is done voluntarily. We invite you to support your blackblogs project by some contributions from time to time.